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James Goldsmith
Founder & CEO - Member of The Tutors Association TTA UK

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I'm James Goldsmith, with 25 years of teaching experience and a decade as the director of a successful 11+ tuition company. Over the years, I have identified a significant gap between the 11+ and SATS marking criteria and the writing/comprehension children typically produce. Mi Teacher AI aims to bridge this gap by leveraging AI to provide tailored learning experiences. Our platform offers detailed feedback aligned with 11+ mark schemes, remedial tests in key areas, and regular parent reports, ensuring your child is fully prepared and confident for their 11+ exam.
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Our Testimonials

Sarah Thompson

My daughter Emma has always struggled with writing, but Mi Teacher AI, run by James Goldsmith, has made a world of difference. The feedback she receives is detailed and aligns with actual 11+ mark schemes. We were amazed at how helpful this could be!  She was getting 12/20 in practice writing tests, now she is regularly getting 17 - 19 out of 20 in top band for CSSE. Thanks James!

Rajesh Kumar

Mi Teacher AI has been a fantastic resource for preparing my son, Jack, for the 11+ exam. The platform's ability to mark writing against genuine 11+ mark schemes is incredibly accurate. Jack has shown significant improvement, especially with the tailored tests that target his weak spots. The parent reports are comprehensive and ensure that I am always up-to-date with his progress. I couldn’t ask for more!

Olivia Johnson

This tool has revolutionised 11+ exam prep. James Goldsmith and his team have created a platform that greatly enhances children's writing skills. My son, Christian, now regularly hits high bands thanks to the detailed feedback and targeted practice tests. The comprehensive parent reports make tracking progress easy. I highly recommend this service for a competitive edge in the 11+ exam.
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