Our Mission

To equip children with the best/most highly skilled teaching 24/7
All children possess the ability to achieve. It all comes down to pedagogy.
Mi teacher is focused on using AI to enable you to generate meaningful stories.


At Mi teacher, we’re devoted to helping children improve their English skills. 
Welcome to Miteacher.ai, your child's dedicated AI Copilot for mastering the 11+ English examinations, alongside providing comprehensive support for Key Stage 2 (KS2) and SATs preparation. At Miteacher.ai, we leverage the transformative power of artificial intelligence, enriched by over 20 years of real teacher experience, to create a personalised and engaging learning journey tailored to the unique needs of each child. Our mission is to make learning not only effective but also enjoyable, empowering students to build confidence and achieve excellence across their 11+ exams, KS2 curriculum, and SATs.

Miteacher.ai was conceived by a team of passionate educators, AI specialists, and parents who deeply understand the challenges and pressures associated with these pivotal stages in a child’s education. With our app, we aim to support children and their families by utilising advanced AI technology that adapts to each child's learning pace. It identifies strengths and areas for improvement, providing customised lessons, exercises, and feedback based on the insights gained from two decades of teaching expertise. This approach guides students towards unlocking their full potential.

Our app offers an extensive suite of features designed to enrich your child's learning experience. From interactive reading comprehension exercises, vocabulary enhancement, and creative writing prompts to grammar quizzes, Miteacher.ai covers all aspects of the 11+ English syllabus, KS2 curriculum, and SATs preparation. Real-time feedback and progress tracking enable students to monitor their development, helping them focus on areas needing further practice.

Safety and privacy are paramount at Miteacher.ai. We ensure a secure learning environment with content that is age-appropriate, engaging, and free from distractions. Our commitment to educational excellence and innovation, underpinned by over 20 years of teaching experience, is evident in every aspect of Miteacher.ai, making us a trusted partner for parents and a fun, educational companion for children.

Join us on this enriching educational journey and discover how Miteacher.ai can transform your child's preparation for the 11+ English examinations, KS2, and SATs into an adventure of discovery and success. Let's make learning an experience that children look forward to every day, guided by the wisdom and expertise of seasoned educators.


James Goldsmith

Founder & CEO
James Goldsmith, a seasoned educator with 25 years of teaching and a decade as a director of a successful 11+ tuition company, is a fervent advocate for integrating AI in education. His vision focuses on leveraging AI to tailor learning experiences, enhancing both engagement and effectiveness. Committed to making education accessible, interactive, and enjoyable, James envisions empowering students worldwide with innovative tools, aiming to unlock their full potential.

Sofia Moreno

Chief Technology Officer

Sofia Moreno, with over five years in edtech and a blend of computer science and linguistics passion, leads AI algorithm design for language learning. She focuses on developing effective, engaging tools, aiming to democratize education globally. Her work underpins the platform's success, making learning accessible universally. Sofia's vision champions inclusive, technology-driven education, transforming how we learn languages.

Marcus Sann

Head of Product Development
With ten years in tech, Marcus Sann specializes in educational software, focusing on user-centric development. He steers product design, emphasizing simplicity and learner engagement. Marcus commits to intuitive, innovative solutions, addressing diverse educational needs worldwide. His expertise enhances the learning experience, blending technology with education effectively. Marcus's vision is to simplify complex concepts, making education accessible and engaging for all learners globally.

Elena Vasquez

Director of Educational Content
Elena Vasquez, with eight-plus years in education as an English teacher and curriculum developer, leads content creation, aligning with language standards and student engagement. Her pedagogical expertise and love for literature fuel inspiring and educational content. Committed to motivating learners, Elena's contributions bridge educational excellence with inspiration, making learning both accessible and impactful worldwide. Her vision is to transform traditional learning into an inspiring journey for every learner.


Mi Teacher AI

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