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Curriculum Alignment of Mi Teacher Ai for 11+ and SATs

May 17, 2024


At Mi Teacher Ai, our focus is on ensuring that our tutoring system is perfectly aligned with the UK's educational standards for both the 11+ exams and Year 6 SATs.

Leveraging resources such as the CSSE mark scheme, the Future Stories 11+ familiarisation guide, and the latest government updates on SATs, we ensure that our AI platform, Mi Teacher Ai, offers the most current and effective preparation for these critical assessments.

Understanding Curriculum Standards

The UK's curriculum for the 11+ and SATs exams is designed to comprehensively evaluate students' abilities across several key academic areas. Mi Teacher Ai adheres to these rigorous standards, with our content continually updated to reflect the latest educational policies and examination formats.

Curriculum Alignment of Mi Teacher Ai for 11+ and SATs

How Mi Teacher Ai Aligns with the 11+ Curriculum

The 11+ exams require mastery in English, maths, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. Mi Teacher Ai's approach includes:

  • Grammar and Punctuation: Directly referencing the CSSE mark scheme, our lessons focus on enhancing sentence structure, correct punctuation usage, and overall grammatical accuracy.
  • Comprehension: Using the Future Stories 11+ guide as a model, our interactive reading exercises are designed to improve both literal and inferential comprehension skills.
  • Writing Skills: We guide students through various writing tasks, helping them develop robust writing techniques, expand their vocabulary, and effectively organise their thoughts.

How Mi Teacher Ai Aligns with the Year 6 SATs Curriculum

In preparation for the SATs, particularly in English, Mi Teacher Ai ensures:

  • Reading Assessment: Our content includes a diverse range of text types and questions that mirror the formats found in the latest SATs, as outlined in the government's educational blog.
  • Writing Tasks: We offer structured practice in writing narratives, explanations, and persuasions, with instant feedback to hone students' skills in line with current SATs criteria.
Curriculum Alignment of Mi Teacher Ai for 11+ and SATs

Benefits of Curriculum-Aligned Tutoring

Utilizing an AI tutoring system like Mi Teacher Ai that is aligned with the curriculum provides multiple benefits:

  • Targeted Learning: Ensures that students focus on the most relevant materials.
  • Efficient Preparation: Maximizes study efficiency by using up-to-date, exam-focused content.
  • Increased Confidence: Familiarity with exam formats reduces anxiety and builds exam readiness.

Continuous Updates and Improvements

Mi Teacher Ai is committed to keeping our content current. We regularly update our modules to reflect any changes in the 11+ and SATs exams, ensuring that our users always have access to the most effective and relevant learning materials.


Mi Teacher Ai is not just a tool but a comprehensive educational resource designed to prepare students thoroughly for their 11+ and SATs exams.

By choosing Mi Teacher Ai, parents and students can be confident in receiving the most accurate and effective exam preparation available.

Ready to see how well your child can perform with the right preparation? Sign up today for a free demo session with Mi Teacher Ai, and experience firsthand the advantage of curriculum-aligned tutoring.

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