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SATS Preparation Resources

June 14, 2024

Introduction to SATS Preparation

Preparing for Standardised Assessment Tests (SATS) is a crucial step for students in Year 6 in the UK. These tests assess a child’s proficiency in English and Maths and provide valuable insights into their academic progress.

Effective preparation can significantly enhance a student’s performance, and a variety of resources are available to aid in this process. This article provides a comprehensive list of SATS preparation resources, including books, online courses, practice tests, and study tips.

Books for SATS Preparation

Books are a fundamental resource for SATS preparation, offering structured guidance and practice materials.

Books for SATS Preparation

1. Official SATS Study Guide

Description: Published by the Department for Education, this guide includes real SATS questions and detailed answers/explanations.

How to Use: Use this guide to understand the test format and types of questions, and to practice with real past papers.

2. Bond SATS Skills

Description: Known for its comprehensive coverage, Bond SATS Skills offers in-depth review and practice questions across all test sections.

Key Strengths: The books are designed to build fundamental skills and are structured to enhance understanding progressively.

3. CGP SATS Practice Books

Description: CGP’s books provide strategies, tips, practice questions, and full-length tests for each section of the SATS.

Unique Aspects: These books are known for their engaging style and clear explanations, making them accessible and effective for students.

4. Collins KS2 SATS Revision and Practice

Description: This series combines revision materials, practice tests, and online resources to offer a well-rounded preparation experience.

Benefits: Collins’ books are tailored to the national curriculum and provide a mix of revision and practical exercises.

SATS Preparation Resources

Online Courses and Tutorials

Online resources offer interactive and flexible learning opportunities.

1. BBC Bitesize

Features: BBC Bitesize offers free SATS revision resources, including interactive lessons, practice questions, and revision tips.

Benefits: The platform is user-friendly and provides a variety of multimedia resources that cater to different learning styles.

2. Education Quizzes

Description: This site offers online quizzes that cover a range of SATS topics, providing interactive learning and instant feedback.

Strengths: The quizzes are designed to be engaging and are a great way to test knowledge in a fun format.

3. Twinkl

Overview: Twinkl offers a wide range of SATS resources, including worksheets, practice papers, and interactive activities.

Key Features: Twinkl’s resources are comprehensive and regularly updated, ensuring alignment with the latest curriculum standards.

4. IXL Learning

Description: IXL features personalised learning plans and practice questions tailored to a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits: The platform adapts to the student’s progress, providing targeted practice and ensuring continuous improvement.

SATS Preparation Resources

Practice Tests and Question Banks

Practice tests are essential for familiarising students with the SATS format and timing.

1. Past SATS Papers from the Department for Education

Availability: Free and official practice tests are available on the government’s education website.

Importance: Using past papers helps students get used to the format and timing of the actual tests, reducing anxiety and improving performance.

2. Exam Papers Plus

Features: Exam Papers Plus provides high-quality practice tests specifically designed to prepare students for the SATS format and question types.

Integration: These tests can be integrated into a study routine to track progress and identify areas needing improvement.

3. CGP and Collins Practice Tests

Overview: Both CGP and Collins offer a series of practice tests that help students become familiar with the exam format and time constraints.

Benefits: Regular practice with these tests can significantly enhance time management skills and boost confidence.

Study Tips and Strategies

Effective study strategies are crucial for maximising SATS performance.

1. Creating a Study Plan

Importance: A structured study plan ensures systematic coverage of all areas.

Steps: Include regular practice, review sessions, and breaks to prevent burnout.

2. Time Management

Tips: Balance study time with other activities. Use planners and timers to stay on track.

Benefits: Effective time management reduces stress and enhances productivity.

3. Focus on Weak Areas

Identification: Use practice tests to identify weaker subjects.

Tools: Utilise targeted resources and practice questions to address these areas.

4. Regular Review and Practice

Importance: Consistent practice reinforces learned concepts and improves recall.

Strategies: Regularly review mistakes and practice similar questions to avoid repeating errors.

SATS Preparation Resources

Additional Resources

Additional resources can provide further support and flexibility in preparation.

1. Mobile Apps

Overview: Apps like SATS Companion provide on-the-go practice questions and tips.

Key Features: These apps offer flexibility and accessibility, making it easy to practice anytime, anywhere.

2. Tutoring Services

Benefits: Personalised tutoring can address individual needs and provide focused support.

Finding a Tutor: Look for qualified tutors with proven track records, such as those recommended by Simply Learning Tuition.

3. Study Groups

Advantages: Studying with peers can provide motivation and different perspectives.

Forming a Group: Establish a group of peers preparing for SATS to discuss questions and share resources.

Test Day Preparation

Preparing for test day is essential to ensure a smooth experience.

1. What to Bring

Essential Items: Admission ticket, photo ID, pencils, erasers, an approved calculator, and snacks.

Tips: Ensure all items are prepared the night before to avoid last-minute stress.

2. Test Day Tips

Strategies: Stay calm and focused, get a good night’s sleep before the test, and eat a healthy breakfast.

Arrival: Arrive early to avoid any last-minute rush and to get settled in comfortably.


Effective SATS preparation involves using a variety of resources to cover all aspects of the test. By combining books, online courses, practice tests, and study strategies, students can enhance their performance and approach test day with confidence.

Stay motivated and make use of the available resources to maximise your SATS score.

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